Thursday, 30 August 2012


Gate to the beach from hotel
Today is my last day in Natal, Brazil. The symposium was wonderful - so much food for thought afterwards on Irish writing and women's place in it. My reading went well and I thoroughly enjoyed all the papers and panels I heard.

Today was my first day to have a chance to walk on the beach so I thought I'd share a few pics. I'm not a sit-on-the-beach kind of gal, but I do love to walk it and I always enjoy beachcombing. It's the nicest beach I've ever been to and I pretty much had it to myself this morning.

The beach at our hotel
Beachcombed finds

As a non meat eater, Brazil has proved a tad challenging food-wise but there has been excellent cake. They even eat cake for breakfast here. When in Brazil...
Cake at Imira Plaza Hotel

Madonna and child
I got to a market in a converted prison where I saw the above Mary and Jesus and these gorgeous girls below. Brazilian art is nothing if not colourful, exuberantly so.

Statues at Centro do Turismo
We were priveleged to attend the opening of an art exhibition at the university, a retrospective of local artist's Erasmo Andrade.

A portrait of Erasmo Andrade's mother Maria at 18
Ladies loo door at Casa de Taipa (restaurant)
Caipirinha - the national cocktail of cachaça (sugar cane rum) and lime - mmmmmmm!
Of course we also went to several lovely restaurants the quirkiest of which was Casa de Taipa where the floor was covered in sand, and dolls and beads hung from everything. Gorgeous.

Coconut shell on the hotel beach
Apart from the lovely people I met from Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Argentina, I've no doubt that my abiding memory of Natal will be the roar of the sea at night and the coconut trees swaying below my window.

All my thanks goes to the organisers, especially Ana, Laura and Béatriz, and to the Embassy of Ireland in Brazil, and its ambassador Frank Sheridan, for funding my trip. Obrigada - thank you.


mel u said...

Great experience. I hope you can post some more pics

shaunag said...

Amazing, Nuala. Sounds like just a sensory wonderland. I have no doubt a story will spring from this...looking forward to hearing more!

Kar said...

oh to have been with you... it just looks so lovely..

It is wonderful to see were your hard work can take you.. takes my breath away.

Look forward to seeing more and chatting during the week.. Happy Homecoming :)

Johanna Leahy said...

Looks wonderful Nuala :)


Cheers for the comments, all. I am dreaming about that beach...