Saturday, 13 October 2012


My story 'Squidinky' from the Silver Threads of Hope anthology for Console is in today's Irish Times. You can read it online here.


susanl said...

Hi Nuala

Just to start with a positive note - after enjoying The The World of Men, I purchased an e-book of Mother America and enjoyed it very much.

Now to the minus point - Nuala I am getting more and more concerned about the Irish Times being involved with *anything* to do with suicide and mental health after their dreadful apology to the Communications Clinic, issued on the day of Kate Fitzgerald's memorial service. (I blog about that here:

I know that everyone seems to have moved on from this, but frankly the actions of the paper and the company have left me feeling very unsafe living in this country, nothing has been resolved, and I am not resigned to accepting this is a bearable state of affairs, or a just one. I did not comment on your previous IT publications as many people on my timeline have articles in the IT, including friends of Ms Fitzgerald's and I didn't feel I had the right to comment. However when it's about mental health and suicide, there is a cognitive disconnect for me. I love your work but I really truly wish in the context of mental health and aid for suicide, that you had published it elsewhere. I hope you can understand the strength of my feelings on this matter. I don't troll on stuff that touches me as emotionally as this does, as someone who has to manage what many call "an artistic temperament".

I wish you every success,



Hi Susan
I am not au fait with all the ins and outs of the Kate Fitzgerald case, even after reading your post on it.

I gave my story to Console/Sinéad Gleeson. The Irish Times were supporting them in the promotion of the book by choosing one story to represent the anthology and they chose mine.

I'm sorry this has upset you but I have no issue with the Irish Times.

Mari said...

Nuala, a great satisfying read, especially following the Irish Writer's Centre workshop. Loved how you framed your opening and ending and the title is pure bliss. Have been sharing it around with other writers. Thanks for the informative workshop and best to you and yours! Happy Writing! Mari


Thanks so much, Mari. It was great to spend some time with you on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get to do it soon again :)

Doireann said...

Beautiful story, Nuala. That opening line shines like a star.

rozz lewis said...

Beautiful story, Nuala. Tears.


Aw cheers, Rozz.