Friday, 26 April 2013


Jane Ray's Happy Prince
Can't quite believe it but I won the Thresholds Feature Writing Comp with my essay on Ó Faoláin, Wilde and Behan's stories. I thought I hadn't a hope, so I am nicely baffled and thrilled. My friend Dan Powell is runner up with his essay on Stig Dagerman’s collection The Games of Night. My essay is up on the Threshold's site here, Dan's will be up on Monday. I really look forward to being sold Stig Dagerman’s work because I have never heard of him before.

The judges made nice comments: A rich, deft piece about the way we are each inhabited by stories’; ‘the piece charms with its wonderfully lively and engaging voice’; ‘she takes a unique approach to the Competition brief’; ‘the writing illuminates not only the stories discussed but, intriguingly and evocatively, the writer herself – showing how stories touch us as people and influence us as writers’; ‘a fluent and stylish analysis of how stories that are read at a certain age stay with us forever’.

I am a-glow ☺


dan powell said...

Congrats again. Really enjoyed your essay, Nuala. always great to hear about the stories that had an impact on a writer.

As for my essay, I hadn't heard of Stig Dagerman either, unti I stumbled across his collection in a second-hand bookshop this time last year. Hope my essay does sell him to you and others as his work is powerful stuff and well worth a read.


I always love to hear of writers not known to me, so it will be cool to hear your thoughts on Stig D.
When I discovered Ron Rash's 'Burning Bright' I was like an evangelist, telling everyone to read it.
I am going to hear him read tomorrow night at the Cúirt Festival here in Galway. I can't wait!! Hero in the flesh!

eimearryan said...

Yaaay! :)

I'm back from Cuirt already - sorry to have missed you! Saw Ron Rash at the House Hotel last night but was too shy to approach. Got my book signed by Laurent Binet though - he was lovely (and cute).

Barbara Smith said...

Congrats, Nu, that's great kudos for sure!

Danielle said...

Congrats, Nuala, great essay. It made me get out my copy of Exploring English 1 and read 'The Trout' - and what a beautiful short story that is. And congrats to Juno too on her fab story!


Thanks a millo, Danielle, from the two of us :)