Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I am in that strange jet-lag land today - I feel like I'm wading through cottonwool all day. And my lovely Granny-in-law died yesterday, so things are all topsy turvy here.

Delaware was fantastic, as were Pennsylvania and New Jersey; 3 States in 6 days - what fun. Writer Billie Travalini, a native Delawarian, whom I met through a mutual love of short fiction, was my hostess with the mostess in Wilmington, Northern Delaware.
The Lewes Writer's Conference - organised by Billie - was wonderful; lots of enthused and friendly writers and my first taste of the poetry and insights of the rather excellent Devon Miller-Duggan, whose collection Pinning the Bird to the Wall has my brain zinging. In Lewes we stayed with Billie's friends Dr and Mrs Miller, and they couldn't have been sweeter or more welcoming to a wandering Irish writer.

Lilies at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania
So, a few pics. With Granny's death and general exhaustion I haven't the will for more. All thanks to The Arts Council for contributing towards my trip and to Billie and the Millers for hosting me.

Billie's writing desk
Billie Travalini on the deck of her cabin by the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvanian butterfly - it was HUGE
I really fancied this cabin across the river from Billie's
Speed limit sign by the cabin
Me on Billie's Wilmington balcony, Delaware
Amish pie fillings at Booths Corner Farmers' Market, Penn.
Amish produce, Booths Corner
Amish honey, Booths Corner
Bathroom mermaid, Lewes
Billie opening the Lewes Conference
Lighhouse, Lewes - from the ferry to Cape May, New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey, in the rain
Dellas diner, Cape May, New Jersey - they do a great veggie burger
Me on the Cape May-Lewes ferry


Mari said...

So sorry to hear of your granny-in-law's passing.


Thanks, Mari, she was a great woman and she reached a great age.

shaunag said...

Nuala, fair power to you for posting the pics and blogging amid cotton-wool tiredness and grief. Love the pics, sounds like a great trip with fab people. Sympathies to all the family on Granny's passing.


Thank you, Shauna.
I am so busy, tired and distracted that I reckoned if I didn't blog my trip now, I never would.
Granny was 97 and a half. Some age!

Kar said...

Great photo's, I love the butterfly!

Hope F gets home this evening..


Sandra Jensen said...

Wish I could have been there... and so sorry to hear about your gran-in-law.