Wednesday, 4 September 2013


An eclectic pile of books and stuff fell through my letterbox yesterday. (Aside: I am convinced my postman hoards my post and delivers it in vast piles or not at all...) Anyway, I got two copies of a Russian lit journal in which poems of mine are translated by Андрей Сеньков (Andrei, to me). One is for Afric McGlinchey, who is also featured.

I also received two new beautifully designed Doire Press short story collections: Máire T. Robinson's Your Mixtape Unravels My Heart and Aileen Armstrong's End of Days. Both writers will feature on this blog shortly. I'll be interviewing Máire and giving away a copy of her wonderful collection and Aileen will be guest-blogging about her book. Please do stop by to support these two new women writers with their début books - exciting times for them and us.

Today the postman brought Valerie Trueblood's new short story collection Search Party - whoop! - and the new edition of The Moth. The Moth is soooo pretty, I could just gaze at it all day.


floating boater said...

I'm especially looking forward to Aileen's collection as I know her writing and love it. I'll be looking out for the interviews/guest blogs.

Nicki Griffin


Cheers, Nicki, thanks for stopping by.

Rachel Fenton said...

Covetable - all! Looking forward to the interviews.

PS I suspect our postie of the same! Never any post on Tuesdays?!


Tuesdays, eh? We have a Monday issue...

floating boater said...

Oh I've just realised I'll be reading with Máire on Friday 13 Sept in Galway. We're both ex-alumni of the MA in Writing at NUIG but I've never met her before. I'll be reading from The Skipper & Her Mate, a non-fiction book about ten years on Irish waters. From your own publisher, Nuala, New Island.

My bad-post day is Friday. We're a bit off the beaten track so any excuse I think.