Monday, 3 February 2014


View of St Deiniol's church and graveyard from my bedroom window
I'm enjoying my retreat in Wales though I'm not exactly writing. Well, I am am writing but it is all non-fictiony PR stuff for my forthcoming novel: articles about my time in Scotland 22 years ago (the novel was inspired by something that happened to me).
Sophia in the garden
When I am not writing, I am reading - then ripping up - my diaries from Scotland (therapeutic!), walking in the pretty village of Hawarden, or eating. The food here at Gladstone's Library is beautiful and abundant.

Entrance to Gladstone's Library
Hearth panel: Louisa Yates (library director) Tania Hershman, Adnan Mahmutovic,
Neil Griffiths, Melissa Harrison, Peter Francis
There was also the small matter of the Hearth Literary Festival here at the weekend, which I went to, so that sucked up some writing time. Very enjoyably. I took my friend Tania Hershman's flash fiction workshop and it was fast-paced and we had to work really hard. Great fun. So I wrote there!
The Glynne Arms, a lovely pub in the village
Hawarden village, house
Bilingual road sign, Hawarden
It's hard to believe I am half-way through my stay already. My room is so warm and comfortable that I am going around in a heat-and-food induced fug most of the time. I need to buck up and write more. Novel no. 4 is calling to me ('Write me! Write me!') and there are exciting developments with novel 3 and my agent, which I can't talk about yet, but which are adding to my distractedness while here. But it's all good :)

Tania and I went to Chester yesterday - a metropolis after Hawarden


Kar said...

It all looks fab! Your view from your bedroom is gorgeous. I'd like to be there if only to sleep ;-)

Ripping up the old diaries, are you re-reading passages at the same time? Well done, can't be an easy thing to do.

Very intrigued about novel no.3..oh the excitement! And had no idea there was a novel no.4 already scratching to get out, go you!

Look forward to chatting when you get back, enjoy the rest of your stay!


Hi Karen! Sadly many of us are not sleeping - ghosties keeping us awake, maybe?!
Food is fab - I'll be rolling out of here on Thursday.
Re. the diaries - I am mining them for info about my time in Scotland then destroying them. It is MAD reading them. What a dose I was!
N x

shauna bustogilligan said...

Oh fantastic Nuala re Novel #3 and exciting things...also ripping up diaries, I did that in TGC, great fun and very liberating! Sounds like you had a great time, love the pics.


I am loving it here!! The diary destroying is fun!!