Monday, 3 March 2014


I'm directing the Short Story Workshop at Listowel Writers' Week this year. They did a Q&A with me in advance. The first questions went as follows and the rest is here.

Q. Did you know from a young age that you would be a writer?

A. I was writing from a young age but I thought that writers were hallowed people with some inside knowledge of how to be a writer and get published and that I didn’t have that. I wanted to be a writer but didn’t think it was possible for ordinary people like me. My love of writing grew from my love of reading. I was reading from the age of three; my parents are book-lovers. Books were more important to me than anything as a kid. Coming second in a national poetry competition at the age of nine (with a poem in Irish about Travellers) gave me the confidence to keep writing. But I was in my late twenties before I knuckled down and got very serious about it all.


Kar said...

this is a brilliant interview! A great inside view from a writer / tutor of an upcoming workshop. I wish Listowel had of done this years ago!

How I would LOVE to be taking part, your students are in for a treat and so are you Listowel is a great festival!

Nuala Ní Chonchúir said...

Ah, thanks my darling. Mwah x