Thursday, 17 April 2014


The launch went wonderfully well on Tuesday night - I am only now back at my desk. Huge thanks to Bob and the team at The Gutter Book Shop, all at New Island Books, Gráinne Killeeen of Killeen PR, Sinéad Gleeson for the blush-inducing intro and to Karen O'Neill for the photos. It was a great night, jammed with family, friends, writer-friends and a dog, who yelped right on cue when I said we would be adjourning to the Parlour Bar in The Stag's Head after the launch. Whisky and wine were drank, Kendal Mint Cake and shortbread were eaten, chats were had. A lovely evening. Here are some pics.
Flowers & a card from hubby - aw!
Me with my posing smile and the book
Scotch - I had fun collecting the shot glasses in charity shops here and in Scotland, and on ebay & my beloved Etsy
Kendal Mint Cake features in the novel, as does the paperweight this bar is propped against
Shortbread, mint cake and Scotch - mmmm!
Signing! (There was a lot of that.)
Mariel Deegan of New Island Books, freelance super-editor Deirdre O'Neill, Finbar McLoughlin
Bob Johnston of The Gutter Book Shop (fresh off the plane from Paris!)
Sinéad Gleeson and me, listening to Eoin Purcell
The incomparable Sinéad Gleeson
Me with a pure O'Connor expression on my face
Some of the crowd, writers Mary O'Donnell & Lia Mills visible, also journalists Cathy Dillon & Sue Leonard
My son, Finn, and me
Writer Mia Gallagher (if you haven't read her novel *Hellfire*, please do - fab)
Writer Kathleen Murray
Me, my Da - Hugh O'Connor - & my brother-in-law, Alan Kerrigan
Gráinne Killeen of Killeen PR
Bob Johnston, superhost
Joan Murphy, photographer Karen O'Neill et moi in The Stag's Head
The beautiful writer Dimitra X
Writers Monica McInerney and Maighréad Medbh in the signing queue
View from my hotel room - the lovely Liffey


shaunag said...

Congrats Nuala, it was a great launch and a lovely evening, just sorry I couldn't stay longer in the Stag's Head!

Nuala Ní Chonchúir said...

Thanks for coming, Shauna - great to see you there! N x

Miss_Úna said...

I'm SO raging I had to miss this!! Looks like there was a great crowd. You look stunning in every shot, forever youthful :) Finally I get to see the Kendal Mint Cake, I still long for a taste of it though. Where did Claire get it?
I started the book last night, jeeze that Verity is a right self absorbed bitch! I won't get back to it until tonight but looking forward to it already x

Nuala Ní Chonchúir said...

Raging you missed it too, Úna. Get well soon!
I have some Kendal's. I will give it to you Friday or Sunday. I left my Peter P book in Miller so need to retrieve it. I can leave the Kendal's there for you, if you are busy. N x