Sunday, 6 April 2014

New story in Uimhir a Cúig/Numéro Cinq - Canada

I have a new story in this month's Uimhir a Cúig, which is an Irish corner of Canadian lit mag Numéro Cinq, edited by Gerard Beirne. The story is called 'Tinnycross' and the editor says of it: 'Ní Chonchúir uses language like a plow, turning over the upper layer of the brothers’ hardened relationship to bring to the surface the roots of abandonment in the hopes of cultivating some form of reclamation. A cruelty borne out of rectitude, decency even.'

In this issue there is also a review of Lorrie Morre's collection Bark by Richard Farrell: '[Bark] is a wise meditation on the human struggle for affection, for identity, and for meaning. Less transcendent than Whitman’s barbaric yawp, more restrained than Ginsburg’s howl, Moore’s bark sounds a weary note.' 

In a previous issue, Farrell interviewed writer Steven Heighton whose writing (and person-ness) I fell for at the Cork Short Story Festival last year. I highly recommend Heighton's Workbook: Memos and Dispatches on Writing to all writers. Farrell says: 'At times, and especially in Workbook, it feels as if Heighton is lowering a rope ladder down from the Elysian fields and inviting others up.' Yup.

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