Monday 21 July 2014


Art in our apartment
Oh, Vienna! You have me tired. I must be getting truly old when a trip to Europe wipes me out as much as a long-hauler. It was, of course, a great breakaway and it is always a joy to meet with friends old and new at the Short Story Conference. Our airbnb apartment was fantastic (large and antique furniture filled), so that was a bonus, particularly with Juno in tow. And with the temps in the mid-thirties. Swoon.

Anyhoo, we ate Sachertorte at the Belvedere and vegan ice-cream at Eis Greissler, we U-bahned and trammed, walked and drank bier, and had a go in the Riesenrad ferris wheel (featured in the film Before Sunrise). I read and was on a panel and I introduced the lovely Madeleine Darcy along with the equally fab Shirley Abbott.

My photos are a mixed bag (Embassy ones are particularly bad) but here are some others for what it is worth.

Juno at The Belvedere, where we saw Klimt's 'The Kiss'
Robert Olen Butler reads at Literaturhaus
Lots of horsedrawn carriages on the streets
Irish/Scottish writer Dónal McLaughlin reads at the Juridicum, Uni of Vienna
View from the Riesenrad
Golden statue on a Viennese corner
Lots of fun graffiti in beautiful Vienna
Juno in hat
In our apartment before our farewell party at the Heurigen (wine-tavern)
Me, Madeleine Darcy and Shirley Abbott
The linked stories panel I was on: me, Lucy Durneen, Kelly Cherry, Adnan Mahmutovic - Robert Luscher behind
Juno with Pinocchio
Finbar on Stephansplatz
Tania Hershman and I, new tattoo comparing
Yamm! is the veggie place in Wien. Finbar had vegan frogspawn cake. Or something...
My reading-mate I-Wei Wu, our introducer Madeleine Darcy and me
At the Irish Embassy waiting to read, with Maurice Lee and a beatific looking Alan McMonagle
Ying Tai Chang introduces Billie Travalini
Billie Travalini reads
Billy O'Callaghan reads at the Irish Embassy
Juno running through the very posh Ferstel Arcade
The flea market - we went with Tania. The heat was unbearable that day.
Free books stalls near our apartment being replenished by a lovely man
Pals! Pat Jourdan, me, Billie T and Tania
Paul McVeigh introduces Pat Jourdan
Jim Grady is alarmed by Wiener Würstchen at the
Ailsa Cox & Elizabeth Baines, warming up at the Heurigen
Yamm! lunch: Adnan, Vaness Gebbie, Jarred McGinnis, Zoe Gilbert, Tania, Dónal and Juno


Aoife.Troxel said...

I'd love to visit Vienna, looks like you guys had a ball. And tell Juno her Frozen bag looks very cool.

Group 8 said...

It's lovely, Aoife. She is VERY proud of the bag :)

Emily said...

Looks and sounds fab... I especially honed in on the cakes and markets :) great photos as always xx

Group 8 said...

Thanks, Ems. Yes, it was lovely, truly.
Cakes and markets - my two travel must-haves :)

Rachel Fenton said...

Short stories, big cakes and flea markets - joy! Thanks for sharing the pics x