Thursday, 21 August 2014


Emily portrait at Rao's Coffee in Amherst
I have received first pass pages of Miss Emily - basically the first set of proofs. Oh my God, they are so beautiful, I am having to take VERY DEEP BREATHS. Swirly script for the chapter titles. My friend Bob's fabulous endorsement. General loveliness in all aspects after the fabulous copy editor had done with me and my mistakes. My MS looks like a book, a very pretty book - wheeee!!

I was also up to other exciting Emily business last week and this, but I am not allowed to talk about any of it. Yet. It's probably better that way anyway, in case of mishaps, but it has all been good fun. It was lovely to spend time with my agent while she's been here 'on hols' - like most pub biz people, she never, ever stops working.

Otherwise, I am tiptoeing into the beginning of Novel #4 and enjoying the research/possibilty feelings. Long may those positive vibes last :)


Miss_Úna said...

Ooh ooh! Your giddiness is catching!

bleachhouselibrary said...

Oh my...... Seriously cannot wait !!!

Nuala Ní Chonchúir said...

I am seriously buzzing, ladies. Doing my proofing on the train and wanting to tell people 'It's my Emily book!! Look!' Woman beside me - young, fashionable - is reading Sense & Sensibility. Potential Miss Emily reader!!