Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Brooklyn based book-lovers site Book Riot has featured The Closet of Savage Mementos in their St Patrick's Day blogpost. Along with books by Kevin Barry, Mary Costello and Daniel Seery. Honoured. The post is here.

Here are the Book Rioters beliefs, as set out on their site - you may argue with them, but they're good :)

  1. We create.
  2. We always prefer the book to the movie.
  3. We riot as a team.
  4. We geek out on books, embarrassingly so.
  5. We’re leaders.
  6. We practice charity.
  7. We miss our subway stop cause the book is that good.
  8. We are non-traditional.
  9. We believe in family (bookshelves and cats count).


Parrish Lantern said...

Great rules,especially the one relating to bookshelves they should always get "honoured family member" status.

Nuala Ní Chonchúir said...

Yes, I love that. Ditto missing the subway stop :)