Thursday, 11 June 2015


Belfast was a blast - it was brilliant to read with Henrietta McKervey, super stylish and clever writer that she is. Also to meet up with old friend and fantastic writer/editor Mary-Jane Holmes. I'm flat out since I got back writing promo articles. Lovely things have been happening PR wise for Miss Emily - my PR teams in Penguin Canada and Penguin USA have been generating lots of reviews and features for publication time (5 weeks!).

Two nice things happened while I was away. I began my week of guest editing with Smokelong Quarterly and they published an interview with me which is here. You can sub through their site here.

Also Cathy Dillon in the Irish Times did an In Praise Of... piece on me which I was thrilled about. You may remember I did one on Anne Enright a while back.

So, all is busy-ness and organised chaos. Which, if I'm honest, I love. Better that than chewing my fingernails and watching telly.

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