Sunday, 12 June 2016


Adam Wyeth and myself, signing books after our event
The festival at Howth Castle was great on Saturday. What a venue! Adam Wyeth and I had a great public conversation, in the Lutyens Library, about poetry, myth, houses, influences and all sorts of things.

We had a warm welcome from Eleanor Griffin and her team, and a lovely, engaged audience. There were brownies, scones and superfood salads in the courtyard café, mmmmm. And a giant Aga to swoon over.

A few pics.

The enviable Aga
TDF brownies (there's a cookery school onsite)
We sampled the berry scones too :)
The yard houses the National Transport Museum
The castle
Harebells in the grounds
Eleanor Griffin with Juno
Juno in the green room
Me in the green room - the nicest GR ever
Roses on the grounds

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