Thursday, 16 February 2017


A month to the day since I last blogged. Good Lord, where does the time go? Spring has sprung, at least!

I had one deadline of 31st January (for novel #4, Becoming Belle) and now I'm on a deadline for my s/story collection, Joyride to Jupiter. So, between those two things, and much else, life has been hectic. But it's all good - New Island and I are discussing covers (such a joyful thing) for Joyride to Jupiter so the excitement for its June publication is building.

I'm also busily prepping for my masterclasses at the Irish Writers Centre (the course is sold out but there's a waiting list you can join.)

Meanwhile, I have a few events coming up:

 - I'll be reading at the launch of the Arlen House poetry anthology Washing Windows, 2pm Saturday the 4th March in Pearse Street Library, Dublin.

 - I'm giving a short story seminar in Florence, Italy on the 9th March at St Mark's Church at 2pm. And a reading that evening at the same venue at 6.30pm. More here.

 - I will be interviewing my friend, and fellow The Peers member, Alan McMonagle about his début novel Ithaca on Monday 13th March in Backstage Theatre, Longford at 8pm, as part of the book's launch night shenanigans.

 - I'm also giving a short story seminar at the Mountains to Sea festival in Dun Laoghaire on 25th March at 11am. More here.

 - Also at Mountains to Sea I am taking part in the Heroes reading event and I'll be talking about (surprise, surprise) Emily Dickinson. Event info here.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh what an exciting writerly life you are leading! How fun for you and I hope not too exhausting. Wish I could attend some, perhaps another time when I visit Ireland again

Group 8 said...

All the running around is fun, to be sure, but the desk is still the best place :)

landguppy said...

Read your piece in the IT. Very moving. There's a great podcast called Terrible, thanks for asking. I think it would resonate with you.

Group 8 said...

Thanks a million. I will check that out. Appreciate it! Nuala