Monday, 21 July 2008


Posh publishers Faber have Tobias Hill and Jeanette Winterson facilitating their inaugural Faber Academy Creative Writing Course in the deliciously wonderful Shakespeare & Co bookshop in Paris in October (9th to 12th). The course costs €630.
Topics include:
When do you need to tell a story and when do you let it tell itself?
How far can you trust your readers to understand what is left unspoken?
What is gained - and what is lost - by describing characters in the flesh?

Apparently they plan to run these courses in other cities too, including Dublin. See here for more. Sounds great to me but, oh, the price!


BarbaraS said...

Oh the price indeed! Almost as wishful thinking as the price of Carlo Gebler's Novel writing course for €650, as flagged by Emerging Writer, in the Irish Writer's Centre. I'm still hoping that was a typo...

Women Rule Writer said...

It wasn't a typo. I wonder how many takers they got for Carlo? He's a great guy but who has that kind of dosh?

If Faber come to Dublin with an interesting line-up, it might be worth going along. We'll have to wait and see what's on offer, I suppose.

BarbaraS said...

Dear Lord! You could get a third of an MA for that price...

Be interested to see who Faber bring to Dublin for sure. We'll see.