Sunday, 20 July 2008


The Irish Haiku Society are running an International Haiku Competition

The IHS International Haiku Competition offers prizes of Euro 150, Euro 50 and Euro 30 for unpublished haiku/senryu in English.
In addition there will be up to seven Highly Commended haiku/senryu.

All the entries should be postmarked by September 30th 2008.

Address for entries: Administrator, The IHS International Haiku Competition 2008, 75 Willow Park Grove, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland

See the IHS site here for more


BarbaraS said...

Thanks for that. And here is the problem with the Frank O' Connor shortlist not being produced: And the winner is

The poster, a book reviewer had been going to buy and review the books on the list, but is relieved not to have to because 'the quality was so poor.' That's a snowball that might gather up to bite us in the future...

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi B
I had read that. Well, more fool her for not investigating this further. Who really takes judges opinions' THAT seriously!? Some people, clearly...
Have fun with the haiku!