Friday, 22 August 2008


I'm reading on Sunday at the Flat Lake Festival, if any of ye plan to go. I'm in good company: Famous Séamus, Edna O' Brien (or should I say Edna O'Blog?!) Stephen Rea, Morag Prunty, Dermot Healy and Medbh McGuckian, to name a small few.

My poetry reading's at 3pm on the Theatre Stage, Flat Lake Fest, Hilton park, Co. Monaghan.

The line-up on the website hasn't been updated in ages but the site itself is worth a look here for the curious.


BarbaraS said...

Good luck Nuala, I hope you enjoy it. A friend of mine Jaki McCarrick is also reading at it, not sure what her slot is. Wish I could go. Have you got your tent packed?

Women Rule Writer said...

Thanks, B. I'm just packing now: tent, torch, wellies, warm cardi etc, while looking out at the teeming rain. Eek. I'm giving up my lovely bed to lie in a field in the wet. All for the love of poetry!

Women Rule Writer said...

p.s. I'll keep an eye out for Jaki's reading!