Saturday, 9 August 2008


Here's something for the Gaeilgeoirs among you.

Six Irish language writers are being sought to develop a script that will be broadcast as a part of a drama series, with the theme of family, on TG4.

SÍOL will give the six writers the opportunity to write, develop, and produce a television script of not more than 25 minutes

The chosen ones will get to participate in a series of masterclasses, before bringing the series to production and broadcast.

Closing date for entries is August 13, 2008

For detail, see the Síol website. Ar aghaidh libh. Go n-éirí libh. Go mbristear bhur gcosa, srl srl!!


49startingover said...

Jeez Louise.

Speak English or die. Okay, my people left Ireland cuz the food sucked, and nobody could understand what wuz being said cuz wasn't English.

So they went to Canada, and settled in Quebec City...filled with Frenchmen. Egad.

So from guy goes off to California in 1850 to hunt for gold. A descendant of his is buried on the USS Arizona. That'll teach him.

The the rest go to what is now Ottawa, the Canadian capital, which sadly is now run by a buncha frenchmen.

So I leave for the US to get away from all these people who are culturally deprived...and what do I find? A buncha Mexicans who don't speak no English as good as me.

I mean, whatsa guy supposed to do eh?

Now...we got these uppity Irish. Startin' at it all over again. I mean...Jeez Louise. This is a helluva circle story if I ever saw one.

Good luck on your project.

Rich Fallis

Women Rule Writer said...

The Irish language never went away, Rich. Maybe you just need to join 'em if you can't beat 'em...

It's not my project, btw. I'm just advertising it for those who might not have heard the call for subs. A sort of Irish language community service, if you like.