Friday, 1 August 2008

John McGahern Yearbook

The John McGahern Yearbook, Volume 1 edited by Dr. John Kenny is now available.

To order, you send your name and address with cheque/postal order/bank draft to The John McGahern Yearbook, Summer School Office, NUI Galway or e-mail fiona.dwyer [There is no charge for postage and packing.]

The Leitrim Observer noted that “the highlight of the book is the inclusion of the ‘After McGahern’ contribution, Mike McCormack was chosen as this year’s writer. The organisers of the year book decided that in order to keep McGahern's influence alive after his death, a specially commissioned original short story should be included which would be prefaced by the writers reflections on their encounter with John McGahern's work. McCormack's story entitled ‘There are things we know', has it's roots in the McGahern style with it's sparse but exact use of adjectives and it's emphasis on the unsaid.”

I only hope that Mike includes this new story in his next collection, as the McGahern book costs €50. Eek.


laurie said...

oh my. i love john mcgahern (especially "amongst women") but 50 euros is $100.

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi Laurie
Maybe your local library would order it for you? If you begged?!

BarbaraS said...

Eek is right..!

laurie said...

ah, but that would not be the same...