Sunday, 22 March 2009



Happy Mother's Day to all the Mammies who drop by here, especially to my fellow Mammy bloggers - I hope you are all being spoilt today. I'm in bed eating Lir chocolates at 8.30am. Life is good!

A poem from my first collection, Molly's Daughter which was in the DIVAS New Irish Women's Writing anthology, along with collections by Máighréad Medbh and Deirdre Brennan.


I am the vein
running through
my children,
as they are
pulled from me,
I hold them to me.

I steer a faulty path,
and while avoiding
the potholes and ruts
left in the wake
of my own mother,
I create my own.

I am drawn
to my children,
but as I try
to edge gently
away from them,
they cling to me.

So I scumble along,
making and breaking
rules, until it is
time to winnow
a space with
room only for me.


Anti-Laureate said...

They won't be clinging to you long and how cute they are.


Thanks, Pat. They are great, the pair of them.
Of course now I'm filling my carefully winnowed space with another one, but it's lovely.

Sarah Hilary said...

Thank you for the Happy Mother's Day post, WRW, and the lovely poem. I especially liked "scumble" and "winnow" in the last verse. How true it all rang, too!

I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day.

Emerging Writer said...

Nice! Hints of This be the Verse!

OSLO said...

Lir chocolates in bed?! Wow!

BarbaraS said...

Hope you had a good day - I got breakfast in bed made by the kids without prompting!

How true your poem is :)


Hi Sarah, Kate, Johanna and Barbara - fellow blogger and writer Mammies. I hope y'all had a good day yesterday. We went out for lunch and walked a lot and I was so wrecked I went to bed at 8pm! The joys of being with child.
Thanks for nice comments re poem. It's so old - v pared back. I think I write flabbier work now.