Friday, 20 March 2009


Pic by Rickard Gillberg

There was a bit of debate in the comments section here last week about the merits and de-merits of mags - specifically Southword - going online and scrapping their print operations.

Proof, if it were needed, that online zines can be excellent is the current Horizon Review - Issue 2, which is a generous mix of fiction, poetry, interviews, reviews and much, much more. Edited by trojan poet Jane Holland, there is a brilliant and hefty interview with poet Kate Clanchy by Vicki Bertram. It's long, so you may want to print it out, as I did, and savour it with a cuppa in your comfy chair. I went and bought one of Kate's books after reading it, I was so taken with her. She seems to have similar poetic concerns to my own - women, sex, feminism, motherhood.

In other lit mag news, I received my contributor's copy of The French Literary Review today. I have a story in there 'Mademoiselle O'Murphy' which will appear in Nude, my forthcoming collection with Salt. This twice-yearly Review is for writing with a French connection and they are seeking subs of poetry and fiction (1000 - 3000 words). Subs guides here at the editor, Barbara Dordi's, blog. I'm looking forward to curling up with the mag later on today.


BarbaraS said...

HR is a very fulsome edition this time around. I've been dipping in and out of it all week... also got a rather nice note from the author of the William Hazlitt book I reviewed in it... Must away and look at that other mag you're talking about too!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Horizon Review is indeed an excellent online magazine and should be read submitted to lauded and encouraged, as such,it's probably one of the best of it's kind and yet it cannot hold a candle to the organic reality of a magazine made from trees.Online magazines are much needed as an alternative to but not replacement for the real deal.Despite not having the luxury of reading the Southword 15 editorial(yet) in my soul I know which format Patrik Cotter, in an ideal world, would choose.
Well done to you WRW for all the work you are getting out there and commiserations on the lack of funding,it's all a bit depressing. If a poet Goddess has no luck wehat chance us poor half-arsed piss-the-beds? Keep the faith I say, live long and prosper, Nanu ,Nanu Mork calling Orson ,over and out.


That's cool re the book you reviewed. Always nice to get that kind of feedback.


Poet Goddess? You're gas, TFE.
Nanu nanu indeed - I was saying that to someone in my dream last night, weirdly and coincidentally. Did I ever tell ye about the time I 'met' Robin Williams? I was working in a bakery/wholefood shop in the Scottish Highlands and in he came with his wife. I said 'Hello', he said 'Hello'. I reckon he was researching his Mrs Doubtfire accent. This was 16-ish years ago. We'd heard he was in town and my colleague swore she was going to say 'Nanu nanu' to him if he came in. She was off that day.

Pure fiction said...

Thanks for the message - I'm in complete agreement with your name, by the way.
Your blog is fantastic - really informative and thoughtful.
Am now going to go and check out all these online journals!


Hiya Pure fiction and welcome,
Thanks for your kind comments!
I hope your new boss has taken a chill pill?!
Best of luck with your blog,
Nuala x