Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Despite the staff being made redundant, because of Arts Council cuts, the Irish Writers' Centre in Dublin continues to function and it is offering a 6 week poetry course, starting 16th April, with Mary O'Donnell, for €150. Mary is one of the top Irish women poets and she is, I hear, a great teacher. I think this is good value and if I could go myself, I would.

From the IWC's site:

Course Theme: 'As if your life (not livelihood) depended on it.'

This course is suitable for both beginners and those who have written some poetry. Participants will work towards producing solid drafts of several new poems during the course, the idea being that over the weeks the will advance these to the point where they are fully realized. The course also aims to help the participating poets to address the question of their own discipline and resources, so that afterwards they may continue what they have begun! The workshop will provide a vocabulary and place for the critical evaluation of participants' work in a progress-oriented way. Sessions include reading and discussion of contemporary poetry with a view to examining tried and tested methods and techniques. Apart from that, this should be an adventure with language and experience, and a chance to experiment with the imagined. Think life, not livelihood!

To enroll on this course please email your details to :

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