Tuesday, 14 April 2009


"I think of my writing as a compulsive form of theft. Every story I have written is based on at least one true thing." Petina Gappah

I have proofs coming out my ears. Nude proofs. The re-issue of The Wind Across the Grass (my first collection) proofs. All done for now. It is amazingly daunting/rewarding work, reading proofs. Your stories look like a proper book all of a sudden and you start to get a bit excited at the prospect of the actual book.

I'm delighted that Arlen House are re-issuing The Wind Across the Grass (with four bonus stories!). It's been out-of-print for ages, so it will be great to have it available again.

Back to reading now and preparing for Cúirt. I'm reading Petina Gappah's début An Elegy for Easterly. Petina is a Swiss-resident, Zimbabwean native and her stories are set in Zimbabwe. The title story is masterful: dark and moving. I've only read four stories from the book to date and, so far, so impressive. Petina blogs here. She'll be reading at Cúirt next week, on Thursday the 23rd at 1pm, with Helen Simpson. Sadly I'll miss the reading as I'll be doing my visit at Castlerea Prison.

As for my preps for Cúirt, today I'll be selecting masterclass participants and preparing my Arts Centre and Prison classes. In between an ante-natal visit at the hospital and starting a collage based on a poem about Paul Durcan...but more of that anon!


BarbaraS said...

Good to hear that, I'd love to get it! Busy, busy all round - hope thekids are behaving a bit better this week ;)


Borrow mine when I'm finished, B.

We had an extra kid (my nephew) last week; now my sis has him back and one of mine. So, it's a lot calmer around here. :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

My word you're a busy Msy, all good stuff, have to admit to being totallyfeckinintrigued by the Paul Durcan,collage!!??


Too busy by far, TFE. And my due date was brought forward by a whole week today so I'll have less time for my planned rest in May.

The collage is for a writing/art exhib at the NGG Gallery in Temple Bar, launching 5th May. One of my poems ('Dancing with Paul Durcan') was chosen for the exhib and now I'm 'illustrating' it. Enjoyable madness!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Now that's an exhibition I'd like to see.I think PaulDurko is the knees of the bees.Is your dancing with him available online anywhwere?


No, Cyphers rejected it (mutter, mutter, more dark mutterings) and then the exhib took it, so I haven't tried anywhere else. I must try another print mag. It goes down well at readings... I'll email it to you!

Irish Mammy said...

Hi Women Rule Writer -

I just tagged you on my latest post which is an experiment being carried out in the US to document 80 clicks of mommy bloggers around the world. If you would like to please add your thoughts - see


Irish Mammy

Totalfeckineejit said...

Tanx fer emailo.Cyphers? Don't be talking, bedad you could be dead and buried before they get back to ye wit da rejection.So they reject great poetry as well as bad, Huh? I love dat poem ,think it's brillo bedad.other mags will snap it up :)


Irish Mammy - I posted at your blog. Best of luck with it!

Thanks TFE - you say the nicest things! I just have to get off my arse and send it somewhere. I am a v lazy submissions person - never quite seem to do them regularly.

thegirlwhosafraidoffoxes said...

My the cover on that Pettina gappah book is gorgeous!

Congrats on the reissue, though it does mean I will have to buy a second copy of it for the extra stories!

Damn the completist, librarian in me :)


Hi Foxy,
I applaud your library gene - good woman. That's the first sale taken care of - yay!

Petina's cover is gorgeous. And the book has a very clean feel to it (big type, uncluttered.) A joy to handle and read.