Wednesday, 29 April 2009

To The World of Men, Welcome - new review!

I am grateful to Dawn Rennert, who is the keeper of the She Is Too Fond of Books blog, as she has reviewed my second short story collection To The World of Men, Welcome here today.

This book is coming out in paperback very soon, with three bonus stories. As is my first collection The Wind Across the Grass, with four new stories. Watch this space for where to buy sooooooooon!!

Some of Dawn's thoughts on the book:

"Nuala Ní Chonchúir’s writing is tight and beautiful. The style of prose vary to suit the mood of the piece, and each story is carefully edited of anything extraneous. This is a recommended collection for those looking to expand beyond formulaic and predictable short fiction."

There is some interesting debate both in the review and in the comments section of Dawn's blog about the cover art - a Pauline Bewick nude of a couple - which I have added above for those not familiar with it. And, yes, the paperback will feature the same art on a slightly different background.


BarbaraS said...

How did you wangle a Pauline Bewick..? Off to see what the debate says... I like the cover a great deal ;)


Arlen House also publish Bewick and she is very generous with her art for covers. I love the cover of mine!

Una said...

Great review Nuala.
I remember the cover causing a stir with your mother when it was first published, though she thought it was two men!
I think Pauline Bewick's work is amazing & makes a great cover, your book is not likely to be in an Erotica section so I doubt it could be confused as such.
I understand why She Is Too Fond Books wouldn't want to have the kids pulling it up online at school though!


Ha ha, yes, Ma thought it was two men - God, I'd forgotten that. Hilarious!

Liz said...

Congrats, Nuala...great review and boy oh boy, what a it! I can imagine it causing a stir, alright but in a very-good- stirring kind of way. Looking forward to dipping into it...


Thanks Liz.
That pic is actually not v clear - mabe I should get a clearer image? Har har.
Wait for the paperback - bonus stories!!