Wednesday, 22 July 2009


The good people at the Willesden Herald are at it again. The 2009 short story comp opens on the 1st of September. In their characteristic open style, they are allowing writers to give feedback on their new set of rules, which include:

Entry fee: £3

Winners: Ten shortlisted, one winner and two equal runners up

Prizes: priceless mug plus £300 for winning entry and 2 x £150 for the runners-up

Judge: Richard Peabody

They guarantee to choose prizewinners - unlike before when they reserved the right not to choose a winner - from a shortlist of at least ten.

Ten stories will be published in their anthology which will have a London launch

They say: "What do you think? Let us know (info [at] newshortstories . com). There is still a little time for the new rules to be finalised and published before the opening date of 1 September 2009."

More here at he Herald's blog.


Rachel Fenton said...

This looks well worth a pop. It's interesting how knowing who's judging makes me think more about what sort of story I'd submit.


I know what you mean. Then sometimes judges go for the opposite of their own type of work eg something funny when they write darker stuff. A contrary lot, writers...

Totalfeckineejit said...

Is it really Wilderness Herald time again so soon? £3 a pop isn't bad at all.

Rachel Fenton said...

In my head (in my dreams more like) I'm rehearsing for a stint on the Booker panel! Lol! Made a start on the promo...