Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I'm reading tomorrow night at the swish Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo at the Yeats Summer School launch of The Watchful Heart. (How many links can I fit in one sentence?!)

The anthology, edited by Joan McBreen, is a useful snapshot of contemporary Irish poetry. Not all the poets are Salmon poets (I'm not!), so it is not as restrictive as some anthologies which are press-specific. All the poets are under fifty and there are essays and poems from each contributor, so it gives a particular look at Irish poetry and poetics.

Also reading are: Mary Montague, Kate Newmann, Paul Perry and Joseph Woods.

My essay is entitled 'The Art of the Body: poem as female self-portrait'.

Venue: The Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo

Time: 6.30pm, Thursday 30th July


P Nolan said...

Good luck with that - sounds like a good book too.

Liz said...

Hi Nuala,

I was at the Listowel launch of The Watchful Heart - love the combination of poems and essays - a great book to be in and to have. Well done on being in there, loved your poems and wow! have just got Revival - absolutely fell head over heels for your dancing with Paul Durcan - hope to hear you read it sometime! ; )


Thanks PJ. It is a good book - and I'm not saying that just cos I'm in it ;o)

Liz - I couldn't make the Listowel one - Juno was too new.
I'll read it at Flat Lake! Cheers.

BarbaraS said...

All sounds good. Am looking forward to hearing all you guys read at Flatlake - 'twill be enjoyable!

Good luck with The Watchful Heart, N, hope it's a good launch.

Rachel Fenton said...

I think it would be strange to hear your actual voice when I have a voice for you already, if that makes sense? I imagine someone standing up in the audience (me) saying, 'stop - no - that's not right, that's not the way you're supposed to sound...' Perhaps I should save any future comments for some obscure, never to be published note book...(oh, that would be all of my work then, lol!)

Good luck with all the readings though - it sounds both a chore and a lovely thing.


Hi Rachel
Tbh, the only chore part of this particular reading is our family of 5 sqwunzed into our tiny car for the 2 hr journey. Tempers will get frayed...

LOL about my voice. When I hear myself recorded I sound flat Dublin - think Gabriel Byrne in drag.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hahaha, I'll never think of Gabriel Byrne the same way again!
Very funny...but, not so funny the two hours in transit...ten mins school run has me ejecting myself and threatening to walk home!


Ah yes, going places with kids. Even for 10 mins. The words 'Never again' are often said. By me, at least.