Wednesday, 5 August 2009


The Stinging Fly is looking for writers in the early stages of writing a novel, for their upcoming workshop at the Irish Writers' Centre, who feel they will benefit from a relationship with a group of others engaged in the same process.

The group (of no more than 10 writers) will meet once a week in a workshop setting over a 6 month period. A serious long-term commitment from all participants is required. The ultimate aim is for each participant to complete a strong first draft of her/his novel.

Alongside the workshops, on one Saturday every month, there will be a series of specialist talks on issues around the process of writing and the imagination. The workshop and group discussions will be overseen by the novelist and short fiction writer Seán O'Reilly.

Deadline: 4 September.

The cost of the workshop: €1,500

Start date: 12 October.

More on the application process etc here.

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Uiscebot said...

I was lucky enough to get into a stinging fly workshop with Sean a few years back - it was brilliant. He's the real deal. I'll definitely try and get into this.