Sunday, 28 March 2010


My blog didn't win at the Blog Awards in Galway last night  - No Ordinary Fool won in my category - congrats! - but it was a fun night.

 Dry ice & Rick

Rick O'Shea was a funny and amiable host, there was free rum and, in the young and hip crowd, lots of cool frocks and choppy haircuts. There were a few souls like myself who didn't seem to be 'in' or know what was going on but it was all very good humoured and jolly.

The funeral of Irish blogging

It started with lots of dry ice and a funeral for blogging now that Twitter has taken over the world somewhat (even I have succumbed...) There were videos from top notch entertainers of the likes of the gorgeous Miriam O'Callaghan; the Dorian Gray-like Bosco and the equally non-aging Ballydung Twins, Podge and Rodge. All very tongue in cheek and entertaining.


 Podge & Rodge, giving bloggers a hard time

The awards themsleves went swiftly and many of the winners seemed to be serial winners (at least one four in a row). There was a bit of muttering about that of the variety of 'Please give someone else a chance, this is all just a bit predictable'.

There was a fabulous exhibition of paintings by Liam Daly in the loft. I hope he deosn't mind me showing an image or two here.

I found the whole night very enjoyable and, though we had to leave early for the long drive back to the babysitters, would happily go again and, hopefully, stay for the dancing too.

Screen cap of WWR - the excitement!

The list of winners has just been posted on the Irish Blog Awards blog.


Nik Perring said...

Sounds fab! Hard luck for not winning though, I'd have voted for you.


Jessica Maybury said...

Liking the photos! I didn't stay that late either. Networking hell.

oliveobrien said...

Well done for being shortlisted in the first place!


Ah thanks Nik :) I didn't mind - I didn't expect to win.

Jessica - explain networking hell?!


Olive - thank you!

Jessica Maybury said...

Ah, networking hell. When you're in a room full of people you don't know and you think you should know them and they're all hobnobbing about with each other ... so you hang around the food or the free wine and pretend to yourself (and them) that you know what you're doing.


Ah yes, that was me pretty much. I didn't know anyone either but it was great fun to watch it all happen!

Anna May said...

Well done on the nomination Nuala.
Anna Mayx

Uiscebot said...

As you know, I didn't really take the awards seriously, But looking through the nominees who made the final cut, Colm O Gorman etc, I see now that there's no denying the vitality and value of Irish blogging. Hard luck, but mostly, congrats.


Thank you Anna May.


Colm - I hadn't a clue what to expect but it was all quite swish/young/fun. It was cool to be in a room full of people who are also blogging. Kind of mad.

Kar said...

Congrats on getting that to the finals, sounds like a great night! Love the opening on the death of blogging, will it happen?? and need to know more about twittering, I know nothing yet.

Great pics too, I love the art!


Kar - I know nothing about Twitter either and I'm not sure I want to either. It's confusing!

I don't think we need worry about blogging being dead.

Rachel Fenton said...

Sounds like a very interesting if not thoroughly enjoyable (am shy) evening! Would most likely stand by the thing pumping out the dry ice! Congrats for getting a nomination and commiserations for not winning.

Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

Thanks very much for the very nice words about my paintings.

The whole business of meeting people you only know of through online activities is very odd, but so intrigued was I by the people behind the writing that I dipped in for the 1st time at the 2008 Awards having followed the 2007 event online from afar (US) through twitter.

Walking into a room of 400 people you don't know felt plain wrong never mind very strange and I definitely felt like I was outside a knowing group. Only by awkward hellos and much drink did I realise everybody else felt the same, if not at that point then not long before it.

Being naturally shy my tendency is still to gravitate to those who've broken the ice with me before but luckily some new brave souls introduced themselves to me on Saturday which helped stop the inertia that can intimidate others.

Having done it 3 or 4 times now I find the whole social awkwardness quite exciting.

Congrats on your shortlisting.


That's exactly what it was like, Liam. Mind you I had my man with me as a crutch. But we never get out so were thrilled to be out!
I hope you sold some paintings - I loved them but am horribly broke these days. Me and everyone else :(

Irish Mammy said...

Great update, sorry you didn't win xx