Saturday, 25 December 2010


I meant to say Happy Christmas to you all yesterday but...the freezing weather and no heat/no water situation here at home had me stressed out to my ears, so I didn't get around to it. We still have no heat or water but at least Christmas Day is upon us, Santa arrived safely and we have a fire on, so all is well. And we lasted until 5.30am before getting up, which is not bad.

Anyhoo, dear blog readers, thank you for reading in 2010 - a quieter year for blogging all round - and for your cheerful support of me and my writing. I love that you all tune in.

I woke the other night thinking about short story analogies - Ailsa Cox has been collecting these on her blog here. I came up with a seasonal one. Ahem:

Short stories are like Jesus: they enter the world with a bang; do something extraordinary early on; then move convincingly, and with purpose, to their inevitable ending. Ta dah!

Nollaig shona, all!


Peter Goulding said...

That sounds rather like Dermot Morgan's Fr Trendy!

God, we'd be freaking here with no heat and no water. Happy Christmas to you and yours


Yes, very Fr Trendy, Peter - tongue firmly in cheek!
Nollaig shona to you and the family. N x

Anti-Laureate said...

I hope the fire is warming your bones. I have heat but no running hot water.

Rachel Fenton said...

That's not what i thought you were going to say~!

Merry Christmas, wishing you get lots of lovely heating and clean hot water - wasn't aware you'd moved to Bethlehem for Christmas - honestly, the lengths you go to for your craft! All that effort just for an analogy! I tell you, live in a stable....