Thursday, 5 January 2012


A few months ago I was asked to take part in's Where I Write series. I sent in photos and a description. They have opted not to use the photos but there are descriptions of our writing spaces from Declan Burke, myself, and Sinéad Moriarty here.

And of Darren Shan, Sheila O'Flanagan (with pics) and Claire Allan's spaces here.

Here are the pics I sent them, anyway. I prefer the visuals, often, when it comes to desks :)

My desk

My luck plate for the novel


dan powell said...

Very cool to be able to see and read about where you write your wonderful poems and stories. My desk, like yours, is stuck in a corner of the house (in my case the living room - we are lucky to have a massive one at the moment) and like you, it is my oasis when the kids are out at school and nursery. Interesting two how many writers need cluttered workspaces. Mine is covered in books, notebooks, post-its, my desk Dalek and other things my kids have bought me. The Elliot Erwitt postcard you sent me along with To The World of Men, Welcome sits proudly on my cork board, along with my other postcards and notes and MA info.

Oops, perhaps I should stop waffling there and do my own post about my Writing space, stop cluttering up your comments :)

Thanks for the glimpse inside your writing world.


Do! I'd love to see your writing space, Dan. I write here because it is warmer than the room upstairs that we made into the study but will soon be one of the kid's bedrooms. (Once it's insulated.)
When I want the room as a dining room, my messy desk and book shelf is a bit, well, messy and annoying to look at. But mostly I am fine with having this space. Oh to have an enormous house and a room overlooking some trees or some such.

Kar said...

why, WHY would they post the words and not the pic's it makes no sense. I LOVE the photos, glad you posted them.

I've always loved your desk and bits and pieces and books that surround it and I like it's new home in the dining room. I know as you say it can be a bit messy but it's your home, your work space, it's were you create. I suppose I feel it's your personality. Clear, tidy and cutter free just isn't the same and maybe a bit boring too...

I'd love other bloggers to do the same.

I used to love the Saturday Guardian piece they ran, even it I did just get a giggle from it ;-)

Thanks for sharing.

Oh and I hope the spam thing is gone or isn't a problem, could it be something my end?


Re. spam thing - no, it's my gmail going nuts, I think.

Re. photos - they have decided to post them with the article. It was an oversight apparently!

Rachel Fenton said...

Love your creating space - great ladybirdy action going on there. I'm hogging one side of the dining table currently - my boudoire's too hot in the summer - but keep dreaming about converting the garage - I could paint and write and leave my clutter all about down there, though I might end up writing about spiders and oil stains and getting locked in at night....I need to dream bigger me thinks...


THanks Rae.
I think the converted garage sounds great. ANywhere to sort of spread out and leave things be, while ou go about mothering etc. G'luck with it.
p.s. can't imagine a room that was overheated. Sigh. All we have here is damp. Uck.