Sunday, 29 December 2013


Do you like New Year's Eve? I don't particularly. It has never been a big deal in our family though in my twenties I did the obligatory pub/house-party thing. Nowadays my husband and I usually have no plans. So when Nuala at Arena asked me if I'd like to come to RTÉ, Donnybrook, for a special programme about their recent New Island-published New Planet Cabaret anthology, I immediately said, 'Yes!'

New Planet Cabaret is edited by Dave Lordan and it's a mix of new and established voices, contemplating modern life in very short forms - short-shorts/flash and poetry, mostly. Much of the writing is extraordinary - interesting language and odd situations abound. My own story in the book 'Sunasawsta' features a seasonal robin (I wrote it on Christmas Day 2012), a pair of smug-marrieds and a surprise inheritance.

Some of the writers featured in the book are gathering on NY's Eve in the Arena RTÉ studio at 7pm to talk about the book and read from it and we'd be delighted if  you would tune in. If nothing else it will remove me from the temptation of the Roses, the dark Toblerone, the shortbread, the prosecco, the chocolate buttons, the red wine, the Roses, the Roses, the Roses...

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