Monday, 23 December 2013


CUNY TV has a great interview with Anne Enright on their site. It's part of a series with Irish writers in America. I sniggered when she said, 'In Ireland you are always writing the wrong book...the wrong book for Ireland now.' And then with her hand on her forehead, 'Who are we?!' She blames journalists, of course. I love Anne's writing. I love her honesty and humour and the way she is resolutely herself.

Anne has a good article on home in the Irish Times here which is well worth reading. It begins: 'I was on the road a lot, for a few years, selling books like a salesman sells brushes (except these, of course, are magic brushes), and one of the great pleasures of being a writer on the move is that you can talk to anyone. People tell you things.' So true! I've had many a life story told to me on aeroplanes this year.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

I too love Anne's writing and because she is so far beyond me in style and content I have to re read her books at least twice to gather all she has to gift her reader. Thanks for the info on her interview.!


She is properly fab, right Donna?
Happy Christmas!! N x