Friday, 25 January 2013

James Plunkett Short Story Award

It is nice to see this new award honouring the late writer James Plunkett, whom I will always love for a) inventing Rashers Tierney, and b) for being one of the jurors when I won the Francis MacManus Award way back when.

This new comp is a partnership between the Irish Writers’ Centre and the Irish Writers' Union and is for new and emerging writing talent. James Plunkett was known as one of Ireland's greatest social commentators, most famous for his novel about the 1913 Lockout, Strumpet City.

Nine candidates will be shortlisted, from which a winner will be chosen. The Award will be presented on 16th October 2013 at the Irish Writers' Centre.

1st prize: €2,000

2nd prize: €1,000

3rd prize: €500

Keep an eye on the Irish Writers' Centre and Irish Writers' Union website. Details of the competition and how to enter will be online soon!


Claire said...

Now there's a book I must put on my "read again" list. Strumpet City, one of the best.


Me too. I can still see the cover of the copy my parents had.